About Us

Broad Town Cars can be found nestled under the gaze of the chalk horse carved into the hill side of Broad Town, Near Swindon in Wiltshire and is owned and run by the Harris Family who are all local to the area.

The business has expanded a lot since its humble beginning and has grown into a successful servicing, repairs, car sales and MOT testing business.

Although our location is very idyllic as we are surrounded by beautiful countryside our close proximity to the M4 motorway and its various links makes us easily accessible to all. For more location information see our Contact page by clicking here.

Company History

The main building was originally converted from a Methodist chapel into a bus garage in 1950. Michael Harris came here with a work colleague in 1968 and started a car repair business. This went through many changes and slowly grew to incorporate car sales and also the new MOT test when it was first introduced. Michael with help of his wife hazel continued to slowly expand the business.

In the early 1980's their son Andrew joined the 'Family Firm' straight from college and together they set about expanding the car sales side of the business with Andrew taking over the day to day running of the garage in 2001 with assistance in the office from his wife Karen.

In 2005 we also started selling vans; these are in addition to the cars we stock and has given our customers even more choice.

We are very proud to have been in business since the 1960's and between all our staff have many years experience.

The Broad Town Cars Team

Meet the Team

Andrew Harris

Email: sales@broadtowncars.co.uk

Andrew first came to help his father Michael at Broad Town Cars straight from college in the 1980's. He often says he came to see if he would like it and after all this time he still hasn't decided! Andrew now runs the car sales however he doesn't mind stepping in to help out any of the team when they get busy.

Rupert Bastin

Email: repairs@broadtowncars.co.uk

Rupert joined the Broad Town Cars team in 2005 as Mechanic and Workshop manager. He was brought up in Broad Town and his parents still living in the village so it was like he had 'come home'. Rupert has previously worked in a main dealer environment spending the last nine years at the local Vauxhall dealer.

Patrick Kilby

Pat has worked for Michael Harris in the 1970's but left to run his own garage in the early 1990's but later returned to work for Andrew.

Richard Meader

Richard is the garages driver and forecourt coordinator. He joined the team in 2006 after working at Honda UK in Swindon since the factory opened. He is in charge of the forecourt display and driving duties and helps all the other members of the garage with their daily activities.

Robert Sawyer

Robert is the garages newest member and joined us in 2010. He has spent 6 years with the Dick Lovett Group and the last 12 years at a Vauxhall main dealer in both their workshop and also the service reception. He has worked with Rupert before and joins him in the workshop as a technician.

Dan Westron

Dan is in charge of car valeting, vehicle presentation and goods in and out. Dan joined the team in 2007 as a trainee car cleaner and has worked his way up to be in charge of all are valeting and associated duties. He also lives in the village.

Hazel Harris

Hazel was a secretary in the Motor Trade when she married Michael and had always helped him with his paper work.

Karen Harris

Karen has had a successful career as a head chef and after starting a family she came to help her husband Andrew and Hazel in the office.